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‘Alebwelelapo’ song reportedly incites riot in Mansa, overwhelming police as ZNS intervenes (Pictures)


The Patriotic Front (PF)’s political song “Alebwelelapo” has reportedly incited a riot at Mansa’s Namwandwe Market.

Police were said to have been overwhelmed, prompting the deployment of the Zambia National Service (ZNS) to control the situation.

Eyewitnesses told Zambia Monitor on Wednesday that the unrest began after a man walking through the market playing the PF song “Alebwelelapo” (meaning “he is coming back”) was detained by the market chairperson, who called the police to arrest him.

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Incensed by the chairperson’s actions, traders started burning tires on the roadsides, halting business activities.

By the time police arrived, the riot had escalated and the crowd had become uncontrollable.

One eyewitness reported that police fired teargas canisters but were overpowered, forcing them to retreat.

Samfya Road, where the market is located, was blocked off with burning tires, logs and stones by the mob awaiting the police’s return.

It took the deployment of ZNS officers to finally quell the rioting mob.

Another eyewitness, Samson Chungu, said that the area was becoming increasingly volatile, noting that this was the second incident in a week.

“In Senama area, a riot ensued after the community suspected that a child who died had been bewitched. We don’t know what is happening,” Chungu stated.

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