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Chanda, Kanchibiya lawmaker, advocates ban on regional groupings to preserve national unity


Patriotic Front(PF) Kanchibiya Member of Parliament, Sunday Chanda, is advocating for the total ban of regional groupings in order to preserve the national unity in Zambia.

Chanda cautioned that anything that threatens the ‘One Zambia, One Nation’ motto should not be allowed to exist.

The Kanchibiya lawmaker was responding to the formation of “Umodzi Kumawa Forum” in a statement issued in Lusaka on Tuesday.

He noted that it was important for the positive forces in the political space including the media and opposition to implore and preach “death of tribalism” to all.

“On this same score let me appeal to the Church and other religious leaders in the nation to categorically condemn tribalism including any semblance of it thereof,” Chanda appealed.

He reminded the country that in Rwanda, the Hutu tribalism against Tutsis which led to the genocide was schemed, promoted and funded by politicians and other elites, but executed by common people, young boys with pangas.

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Chanda recalled that when the country exploded, the same politicians and elites were the first ones to flee the country leaving behind hundreds of thousands of common Hutus to be arrested and paraded in Gachacha traditional courts and prisons.

“The few politicians and elites held accoubtable were arrested under pseudo names in Belgium, France, Cape Town but some will never be arrested. Meanwhile, one million people lay dead,” he stated

The Lawmaker said students of history would recall that tribalism and ethnicity killed Yugoslavia following the death of a great leader and unifier President Josip Broz Tito, and a very close ally of President Kenneth Kaunda.

He stated that tribalists fought for their regions and today there are 7 or 8 small and weak countries in the Balkans.

“Kenneth Kaunda and his friends achieved the ’One Zambia, One Nation’ in the midst of racist and ethnic challenges,” Chanda emphasized.

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