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Chinsali youth advocates broadening of access to information to impact rural areas (Video)


Joseph Mulenga, a 24-year-old carpenter from Chinsali District in Muchinga Province, has spoken on the necessity of broadening access to developmental information through diverse media platforms in rural regions.

With the advent of social media, Mulenga observed that rural communities were becoming more informed about global events.

However, he raised concerns about the prevalence of misinformation, particularly regarding development initiatives within the country.

“Media freedom entails not only sharing content but also responsibly disseminating informative material accessible to all,” Mulenga says during an interview with Zambia Monitor in Chinsali.

He expressed satisfaction with the implementation of the Cyber Security Act, which has contributed to restoring order on social media platforms by curbing the dissemination of misleading content.

“While mainstream media endeavors to cover rural communities, including marginalized and disabled individuals, there remains a need for greater efforts to ensure the dissemination of credible information on development,” he advised.

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Mulenga acknowledged journalists’ commitment to reporting on various developmental issues but urges authorities to devise strategies for effectively reaching rural areas with such news.

“Although the Cyber Security Act is being enforced adequately, there are instances where individuals propagate hate speech without facing repercussions, while others are swiftly apprehended,” he observed.

Emphasizing the importance of access to information and media freedom, Mulenga highlighted their role in empowering citizens to make informed decisions, irrespective of their location.

He appealed to the government to consider the level of awareness, particularly among rural residents, regarding the law’s provisions, citing instances of ignorance that could lead to inadvertent violations.

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