Chisamba Council warns public against illegal land allocations by fraudsters


The Chisamba Town Council (CTC) of Central Province has warned members of the public to refrain from buying land from people masquerading as custodians of land in the District.

In a statement issued on Tuesday in Chisamba, Council Public Relations Officer, Nakubiana Shabongo, warned that any person buying land from unscrupulous people risk throwing their money in a bottomless pit.

Shabongo said the law prohibits illegal allocation of land and the local authority will ensure it protects people from being swindled through land illegalities.

“The Council would like to call on members of the public to follow procedure in the acquisition of land as all legal allocations are done by the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources and the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development through local authorities,” she said.

Shabongo noted with concern that there is a growing trend of illegal land allocations in Chisamba District which is resulting into serious encroachment and is prohibiting development because land earmarked for developmental projects has been affected.

She said the Council has been receiving reports that some named individuals are at the forefront of this illegality and have identified some people linked to this matter which the local authority will deal with.

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Shabongo said all those collecting money from the public on pretext that they have land offers to stop or face prosecution.

“This country is governed by rules that need to be followed but some known people are trying to manipulate the procedure. “As a local authority we will not allow a few individuals to derail government’s agenda of ensuring equity regarding land allocations,” she said.

Shabongo urged residents and the public who are key to tackling this vice to continue reporting such illegalities as the problem surrounding illegal land allocations cannot be fought by the council alone.

She has also called on law enforcement agencies to work in collaboration with the council to ensure justice prevails.

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