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Citizens First party bemoans economic woes under UPND, calls Hichilema’s promises empty rhetorics


Citizens First party has blamed the shaky state of the country’s economy on the United Party for National Development’s inability to fulfill their campaign pledges.

Party president, Harry Kalaba, described Hichilema’s pledges as mere echoes of empty rhetorics offering hope for the struggling Zambians.

In a letter directed to State House, Kalaba criticized the government for the cost of living.

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“You campaigned on a platform of reducing the price of fuel, lowering electricity tariffs and ensuring affordable meal mealie for all,” he reminded the incumbent President.

He argued that Hichilema was yet to fulfil any of the said promises.

“Unemployment continues to rise, fueled by a power deficit that cripples our industries and stifles economic growth,” Kalaba pointed out.

Moreover, Kalaba also criticized ZESCO’s decision to raise electricity tariffs.

“And now, to add insult to the injury, ZESCO has seen it fit to increase tariffs, further burdening the already strained finances of the Zambian people,” he said.

He said the electric tarrif increase was a burden on an already inconsistent supply of power.

“If it’s not load shedding plaguing our nation, it’s the daily faults and failures that remind us of the inadequacies of our infrastructure and governance systems,” he added.

“I therefore urge you to reflect on your responsibilities as the leader of our nation and take decisive action to address the pressing issues facing our country including the ones I have raised in this letter,” Kalaba counseled Hichilema.

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