Corruption, nepotism stalling gains of Constituency Development Fund; Kitwe clergyman seeks radical reforms


Kitwe City Church Fellowship president, Laddy Lewila, has called on President Hakainde Hichilema to review the implementation of the Constituency Development Fund (CDF).

During a church service on Wednesday, Lewila expressed concerns about corruption within the CDF project.

“There is a need to re-look at CDF guidelines. There is corruption and nepotism in the implementation of CDF. Things need to change. If it means firing some people, let that be done,” he said.

Lewila also addressed the issue of monthly fuel price reviews and the escalating cost of living, urging the President to consider less frequent reviews to provide price stability.

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“Mr. President, we appeal to you to consider changing the monthly reviews to probably three or six months so that Zambians can enjoy stable prices,” he said.

Additionally, Lewila demanded the introduction of subsidies to lower the cost of food in the country.

In response, President Hichilema acknowledged the concerns about the high cost of essential commodities and the potential distortions caused by monthly price reviews.

“I have heard your complaints on the cost of living as well as the monthly fuel reviews. I am just asking for patience,” he said.

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