Daughter of ex-President Lungu, Chiyeso, appeals forfeiture of K9 million properties


Chiyeso Lungu, daughter of former President Edgar Lungu, has filed an appeal at the Court of Appeal challenging the forfeiture of her properties worth approximately K9 million to the state.

The properties, which include two farms, a high-cost house, four chicken runs and three flats in Lusaka’s State Lodge area, were seized by the state based on the Director of Public Prosecutions’ suspicion that they were acquired through illicit means.

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Chiyeso’s legal team argued that the court’s decision was flawed and was seeking to have the forfeiture order overturned.

They contend that the court wrongly assumed developments on one of the properties without sufficient evidence and deemed her properties tainted based on mere doubt, without concrete evidence from the state.

Additionally, they argued that the court disregarded Chiyeso’s affidavit evidence that her parents purchased the property for her while accepting similar evidence from the state as proof of tainted properties.

The appeal also challenged the court’s decision to shift the burden of proof to Chiyeso after the DPP established a prima facie case.

Chiyeso’s legal team asserted that this decision created a dangerous precedent, allowing the state to seize properties based on suspicion rather than concrete evidence.

The Court of Appeal would review the case and determine whether the forfeiture order was justified.

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