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Disability rights group says Cyber Security Act protects politicians more than vulnerable citizens (Video)


In Kasama, the Disability Inclusion-Friendly Barn Development Foundation, dedicated to addressing the challenges faced by individuals with disabilities, says the Cyber Security Act primarily benefits politicians rather than ordinary citizens, particularly those with disabilities.

Amos Chileshe, the Chief Executive Director of the organisation, conveyed these concerns in an interview with Zambia Monitor.

Chileshe emphasized the Foundation’s focus on child welfare, including screening and assessment programmes tailored to children with disabilities.

He highlighted the alarming prevalence of cyberbullying targeting this vulnerable demographic, often overlooked by mainstream media.

“Despite our efforts to provide counseling and support services,” Chileshe lamented, “many instances of cyberbullying against individuals with disabilities remain unaddressed, unlike cases involving public figures.”

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He underscored the disparity in media coverage, noting the tendency to portray persons with disabilities negatively, particularly those with intellectual disabilities, perpetuating stigma and shame, particularly in rural areas.

Calling for the safeguarding of individuals with disabilities online, Chileshe urged authorities to take decisive action against cyberbullying, stating its detrimental impact on their well-being.

Regarding media freedoms, Chileshe advocated for unrestricted licensing of media outlets to ensure comprehensive nationwide coverage.

“Media freedom is essential for democracy, development, and human rights.

“When people are denied the freedom to express themselves, constructive criticism becomes impossible, hindering progress and accountability,” he said.

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