Drug Enforcement Commission partners Turkey to address growing threat of cybercrime


The Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) and the Turkish Embassy have launched a cyber crimes training programme to address the growing threat of the malaise.

The training programme is aimed at equipping DEC personnel with the skills and knowledge necessary to combat online criminal activities.

During the launch of the programme in Lusaka on Tuesday, DEC Director General, Nason Banda, emphasized the need to address cyber security concerns.

Banda noted that in recent years, the global landscape had witnessed a surge in cybercrimes, ranging from hacking and identity theft to online fraud and other digital offences.

He said Zambia, like many other nations, had not been immune to the challenges and the increasing dependence on digital technologies had brought forth new cybersecurity concerns that demanded immediate attention.

“By addressing vulnerabilities in our digital systems, we aim to enhance the overall resilience of the Drug Enforcement Commission against cyber threats,” Banda stated.

He said this effort fortifies the defences against money laundering schemes that exploit technological loopholes, thereby safeguarding the integrity of the financial sector.

Banda applauded the worldwide efforts by governments and law enforcement agencies to tackle cybercrime through legislative measures.

Banda said the efforts included enacting laws to address unauthorized access to computer systems, data breaches and other online offences.

“Additionally, countries are establishing cyber security frameworks to bolster their ability to prevent, detect, and respond to cyber threats,” he added.

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Turkish Ambassador to Zambia, Istem Circiroğlu, expressed immense satisfaction with her country’s role in advancing the human resource development of Zambia’s law enforcement agencies, with a special focus on the Drug Enforcement Commission.

“The Commission, tasked with addressing white-collar crimes such as cybercrimes, has been a pivotal partner in this collaborative endeavour that commenced in 2018,” she said.

Circiroğlu emphasized the significance of the initiative in fostering skills and experiences that would undoubtedly bolster the national efforts in combating cybercrime.

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