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Edgar Lungu-led PF warns President Hichilema against infringing on rights of former Head of State


The Edgar Lungu-led Patriotic Front (PF) vice president, Given Lubinda, has called on President Hakainde Hichilema to “layoff” his hands from the former Head of State.

Lubinda said the party on Wednesday recieved information that the Police intended to arrest the former president for his recent statement in which he said their unprofessional conduct could result in people rising against President Hichilema.

Visiting the former Head of State at his residence in Lusaka on Wednesday, Lubinda vowed that the party would not allow the Police to arrest Lungu for simply advising them to stop decampaigning the President and his government.

He said the advice given to the Police did not in anyway amount to calling on Zambians to rise against the Hichilema-led administration or a crime in nature.

“When you said what you said, I was sitting opposite you, you advised that please Police should behave themselves, conduct themselves in a civil manner because what they were doing could bring down the government. You did not say that the government would be brought down,” Lubinda stated.

The former Justice Minister alleged that the democratic space in Zambia was shrinking because nobody was allowed to render advice to government.

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He claimed that freedom of expression was under threat.

“The reaction from Rae Hamoonga was extremely surprising that your statement would be analysed, what is there to analyse, what legal consequences is there when you are simply advising them,” Lubinda questioned.

He alleged that Hichilema was using stooges to destabilize the PF and that government had resorted to harassing the former Head of State using the Police.

Lubinda claimed that Zambians were now watching with keen interest after the alleged bad performance by the United Party for National Development (UPND).

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