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Ex-Deputy Inspector-General of Police, Katanga, applies for bail pending appeal against 3-year jail sentence


Barely 24 hours in prison, former police deputy Inspector-General, Charity Katanga, has through her lawyers, filed application for bail pending her appeal at the High Court against the three years sentence.

Lusaka Chief Resident Magistrate, Davies Chibwili, on Monday sentenced the ex-deputy Inspector-General to three years simple imprisonment for being in possession of 10 luxurious Higer Buses through proceeds of crime.

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The convict, however, intends to contest the conviction and sentencing arguing that the trial Magistrate erred in law by arriving at a conclusion that the 10 Higer Buses were acquired through proceeds of crime.

She also contends that Magistrate Chibwili erred in law by discounting the testimony of her uncle Joseph Phiri who allegedly lent her part of the money for the purchase of the buses due to lack of documentation.

In her application for bail, Katanga contended that the possession of Property Reasonably Suspected Of Being Proceeds Of Crime contrary to section 71(1) of the Forfeiture of Proceeds of Crime Act No. 19 of 2010 of the Laws of Zambia was bailable.

“That I verily believe that there are high prospects of my appeal succeeding. That verily believe that I am likely to have served a substantial part of my sentence by the time the appeal is heard, therefore my continued stay in prison may be fatal and injurious,” she submitted.

Katanga together with other persons unknown, on dates unknown but between January 01, 2017 and June, 06 2022 bought 10 Higer Buses, valued over US$2 million suspected to be proceeds of crime.

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