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Ex-President Lungu declares himself ready for 2026 General Elections(video)


Former president, Edgar Lungu, has declared himself ready to stand for 2026 if Zambians insist on him participating in the general elections.

Lungu said he will not impose himself on the ballot paper or the Zambian people but that, however, he was ready to stand if Zambians call on him to do so.

The sixth republican president said this at a joint opposition political parties media briefing in Lusaka on Wednesday. 

He stated that he came back to politics to restore democracy, order in the Patriotic Front (PF) and replicate this in the country by working with everyone.

“I can not impose myself on the ballot paper but if people impose me, who am I to say no, that’s how it works, I am just a servant” the former president emphasized.

Lungu expressed hope that the former ruling party would unite and find a leader who would lead them to victory and restore the rule of law, democracy which had shrank in the country.

He said he was also ready to support any leader who would be selected to lead the PF or a possible opposition alliance.

“What I have been saying is that Zambia is bigger than PF and in my cry I said all political parties and I single out one but said let’s work together and we are back to the drawing board,” he said.

Lungu stated that no one should be worried about his political come back but worry about the economic status of the country in which the cost of living was high.

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He stated that with the opposition working together, an alliance would be formed and a leader would emerge to lead and remove the ruling United Party for National Development (UPND) which had allegedly lamentably failed.

On the debt status of the country, Lungu said the UPND had failed to deal with the elephant in the room despite President Hakainde Hichilema promising Zambians that he would fix it while in opposition.

“Ask the man in State House what has happened to the debt restructuring programme because he is the one in power and promised to fix it, however is not fixing it,”

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