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Former Minister, Sumaili, criticizes the clergy, calls for advocacy amid reports of deepening hardship


Former Minister of National Guidance and Religious Affairs, Reverend Godfridah Sumaili, has accused the church of failing Zambians in the area of advocacy.

Sumaili noted that many clergymen and women had chosen to remain silent and not speak up for Zambians who were suffering from the high cost of living, soaring unemployment and other pressing issues.

She expressed her disappointment, highlighting that only the Catholic Church seemed to be actively advocating for the people under the United Party for National Development (UPND) led government.

“People are suffering in our churches. What are you doing and your mouth is closed. You have to urgent government to do the right thing as clergymen and women,” Sumaili told Zambia Monitor in Lusaka.

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She questioned why the church had chosen to remain silent, especially during times of economic hardship, rising utility prices and unemployment.

Sumaili also voiced concern over the perceived fear among clergy of facing repercussions, referencing the case of a Catholic priest in Ndola who was queried by the police.

“Are you living in the same Zambia that people are living in? I want to commend the Patriotic Front for their pro-poor policies. We need to focus on ordinary Zambians who cannot afford. Let’s speak up for them,” she urged.

Furthermore, Sumaili wondered why the church was not providing guidance to Zambians on issues such as the breakdown of social morals and misuse of social media.

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