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Governance enthusiast, Miyanda, calls for urgent review of Public Order Act to allow for level playing field (video)


Governance enthusiast, Wesley Miyanda, has supported observations made by the opposition parties that the democratic space was shrinking under President Hakainde Hichilema’s administration.

Miyanda claimed that government was using public institutions such as Zambia Police to stop the opposition from having any form of public gatherings on grounds of national security.

In a statement issued in Lusaka on Tuesday, Miyanda stated that their claims emanated from the fact that the UPND leaders themselves were busy conducting rallies across the country.

He said as long as the opposition were restricted from having public meetings, the alleged shrinking of democratic space and violation of citizens’ rights would still continue.

“We feel there is urgent need to review the Public Order Act to disallow the political monopoly by the ruling party. Nonetheless, the issue at hand is in twofold because it takes two people to tango,” he stated.

Miyanda claimed that the country was gripped with a lot of social, political and economic challenges such that people’s expectations were too high.

“Once given wrong information about the current situation, then it will automatically turn out to be something else. Hence we urge the opposition to put their house in order and learn to refine their message to the people,” he said.

Miyanda noted the need for issue-based politics, saying the toxic politics and divisive language being employed by the opposition were not healthy for the nation.

He said government had a responsibility to maintain law and order so as to protect the lives of citizens.

“There is urgent need for the opposition to tone down and learn to provide credible checks and balances with alternatives or solutions to people’s challenges,” Miyanda stated.

He noted that government could not allow lawlessness in the name of creating or expanding democratic space for the opposition who were busy downplaying whatever government was doing for the people.

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