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Govt chief whip, Mulusa, says MPs free to critic leadership but should not abuse privileges


Government Chief Whip, Stafford Mulusa, has expressed disappointment with the alleged misconduct of some Members of Parliament in the National Assembly, especially those from the opposition Patriotic Front (PF).

Mulusa said it was unfortunate that some Members of Parliament (MPs) had gone to the extent of challenging, disrespecting and openly attacking presiding officers such as Second Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly Moses Moyo.

Addressing the media in Lusaka on Tuesday, Mulusa said such MPs had also been issuing defamatory remarks against other Parliamentarians both on the floor of the house and outside.

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He said this kind of behaviour disrupted the proceedings of the House and showed serious disrespect to the presiding officers and other Parliamentarians.

“Members have a constitutional right to freely express themselves when they feel their privileges are infringed upon,” Mulusa said.

He said such MPs should however not in any way abuse that privilege as they would be committing an offence of breach of privileges and would be subjected to punishment.

“Members of Parliament need to strictly observe and adhere to parliamentary rules and procedures when expressing grievances,” Mulusa said.

Leader of the opposition in Parliament, Brian Mundubile, last week demanded the removal of Moyo, for being allegedly incompetent and lacking integrity.

Mundubile was on Friday ejected from Parliament by Moyo for failing to heed to an instruction to stand down as he was debating in the house.

The Mporokoso Constituency PF Lawmaker said Moyo had been disrespectful to MPs who were often treated like his children and not elected leaders representing their electorate.

“We gave him time to learn the decorum of the house as Deputy Speaker but two years is enough, people get degrees, certificate in that period, the fact that we are quiet, he should not take advantage of the silence,” Mundubile said.

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