Govt formulating National Health Services Bill to improve healthcare delivery, enhance information flow


The government has announced that it was in the process of formulating and developing the National Health Services Bill.

Ministry of Health Permanent Secretary for Administration, Professor Christopher Simoonga, stated that the proposed bill aims to enhance the quality of healthcare service delivery and improve the operational flow of information within the healthcare system.

Speaking in Chongwe during the official opening of a three-day Capacity Building Workshop for Ministry of Health Public Relations Officers on Thursday, Simoonga encouraged public relations practitioners to be more proactive in serving the public.

He urged communication experts in various healthcare facilities to publicise government’s milestone achievements in the health sector.

“Government acknowledges the significant role public relations play in the development of the country and has assured its support,” Simoonga stated.

Ministry of Information and Media Director for Press and Media Development, Modern Mayembe, advised communication experts to ensure the prudent utilisation of government resources.

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In a presentation on the Access to Information Law at the workshop, Mayembe explained that the enactment of the bill would expose many flaws, including government workers who are involved in financial crimes.

He called for self-restraint in the management of public resources to ensure accountability.

Earlier, Presidential Delivery Unit Director for Communications, Besa Kyanamina, implored the public relations officer’s to work with the government to highlight presidential initiatives.

“Government is in a hurry to ensure timely delivery of presidential health initiatives such as building Mothers’ Shelters in all healthcare facilities, maintaining sufficient stocks of essential medicines, and ensuring adequate blood storage,” Besa said.

The meeting drew participants from across all provinces with the objective of sharing best practices in the communications sector.

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