Green Economy minister, Nzovu, calls for scaling up of finance, investment for climate change


Government has called for the scaling up of finance and investment for climate and nature from all sources in the country and Africa at large.

Minister of Green Economy and Environment, Collins Nzovu, stated that this should include domestic budgets, climate and biodiversity funds.

Nzovu said this during the stakeholders meeting on environmental planning and management in Lusaka on Monday.

The Minister noted the need to promote co-benefits and efficient use of the ecosystem through nature based solutions or ecosystem-based approaches.

He stated that this should include access to finance in an inclusive and equitable manner, including direct access to benefits for indigenous people, local communities, women, girls and youths among others.

“Ensuring equitable, inclusive and effective representation and participation of indigenous people, local communities, women, girls, youth and other vulnerable communities in the planning and implementation of climate and biodiversity plans,” Nzovu said.

The Minister stated that the ecosystem-based adaptation approaches or nature solutions are essential in ensuring the long term well being of ecosystem, biodiversity and human populations.

He indicated that government was working with communities to implement nature based solutions including assisted natural forest regeneration and restorative agriculture practices that support soil health.

“In this vein, the Ministry is executing the ecosystem based adaptation project which is implementing adaptation measures that support diverse and resilient livelihoods by quantifying and demonstrating the benefit of ecosystem based adaptation approaches,” Nzovu said.

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He stated that to effectively implement interventions to address climate change including ecosystem approaches, it was necessary to build capacity in environmental planning and management.

The Minister said this was in order for the relevant stakeholders to be knowledgeable and skilled on the key aspects of preserving and protecting the environment.

“Environmental planning and management in climat3 change adaptation plays a critical role in addressing the reduction of green house gas emissions, promoting renewable energy and adapting to the impacts of climate change,” Nzovu emphasized.

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