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Green Party leader, Sinkamba, decries alleged manipulation of mine unions by politicians


Green Party leader, Peter Sinkamba, has implored politicians to resist the temptation of exporting intra-party and inter-party chaos into the mining industry.

A video clip had gone viral concerning inter-union wrangles in the mining sector in Kitwe District of the Copperbelt Province in which members were heard using derogatory remarks against each other during a failed meeting.

Sinkamba in a statement issued in Kitwe on Wednesday, described the incident as not only unfortunate but also extremely worrying.

He hoped that there was no politcal manipulations in the incident because introducing politics in the highly sensitive and critical economic sector, would have dire consequences in the long-run, according to him.

“When political engineer number one, late former president Fedrick Chiluba introduced ‘pluralism’ in industry, as a political gimmick to weaken industrial unity through then practiced “one-industry-one-union”, he was cautioned that such divisive tactics could result in economic arnarchy,” Sinkamba recalled.

He stated that if there was a political hand in the unfortunate incident, those involved should think twice.

Sinkamba warned that unions in the mining sector were not like political parties where ‘political engineering’ works saying the consequences were there for everyone to see.

“Casualization, impoverishment and demoralization of workers in the industry generally and mining sector in particular, is there for all to see,” he highlighted.

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The Green Party leader emphasised that this in turn had negatively affected production in the mining sector.

Sinkamba said if inter-union rivary deteriorates into physical confrontations, then the consequences would be worse than ever before.

“Having lived in mining area for more than 30 years, I have a fair understanding of what miners are capable of doing. I come in peace, and may peace be Zambia now, and forever!,” he stated.

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