Health Council calls out members parading laboratory coats in public, warns of health implications


The Health Professions Council of Zambia (HPCZ) has called on health professionals and students to stop moving around in public places wearing laboratory coats as they are potential agents of bacterial transmisssion and infections.

HPCZ Public Relations Manager, Terry Musonda, said the Council had observed with displeasure the growing indiscriminate wearing of white coats among some health professionals and students.

Musonda in a statement issued in Lusaka on Sunday, identified the coats being put on by both health professionals and students as medical or laboratory coats,
scrubs and clogs.

He said it had seemingly become a trend for some health professionals and students pursuing health related programmes to move around public places donning the coats.

“Medical or laboratory white coats, scrubs and clog shoes are designed for use in specific areas within health facility premises or health training institutions,” Musonda explained.

He reminded that while medical or laboratory white coats give health professionals and students a professional identity and smart look, they are potential agents of bacterial transmisssion and infections.

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Musonda advised that the coats should be restricted to designated environments.

“It is considered unprofessional and irresponsible behaviour to use medical/laboratory white coats, scrubs and clog shoes in places outside of health facilities and health training insitutions where they are required,” he said.

He urged all health professionals and students to adhere to infection prevention guidelines and practices and protect themselves, their patients and the environment.

Musonda further encouraged health facility managers and health training insitutions to have deliberate spaces for health professionals and students to regularly launder and secure their hospital attire before and after use.

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