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Hichilema, in parley with UNDP team, says country’s economic agenda threatened by climate change


President Hakainde Hichilema says government’s ambition which dubbed 2024 as the year of economic expansion for Zambia is unfortunately being dented by climate change.

Hichilema said in view of the development and the drought situation being experienced, there was need to practice irrigation-based agriculture in order to improve productivity.

The President said this when he met a delegation from the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) led by Assistant Director, Ahunna Eziakonwa at State House in Lusaka on Tuesday.

He noted that Zambia had been self-sufficient in food production and that the peace it had enjoyed had enabled it to also feed neighbouring countries.

“Economic expansion is meant to create jobs especially for the youths, create business opportunities that are meant to fuel growth in the economy,” Hichilema said.

He stated that this was also meant to ensure sustainable social support for the sick, retirees, the old, those living with disabilities and the vulnerable members of society.

Hichilema noted that the United Nations was a creation of the global community and that Zambia was grateful to be part of the UN system.

“Zambia has always been a peaceful country which has enjoyed peaceful transfer of leadership, a credit to the Zambian people,” the President stated.

He assured that his government would work with the United Nations system to deliver economic development to the Zambian people.

Hichilema said Zambia would show the benefits of the peace that it had enjoyed and this benefit would ould be through development, trade and investment.

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During the same meeting, Eziakonwa said Zambia should be an investors preferred destination because of the peace and stability which few countries offer.

“Zambia has no risk investment and had been experiencing peaceful transition since its independence,” she stated.

She noted that the country’s only risk was poverty which should be fought through the engagement and involvement of all stakeholders in and outside the country.

“Zambia is one of the few countries which is peaceful with itself bordering eight countries and to have these countries is very exceptional. We see what is happening in the horn of Africa and Central Africa but this sets Zambia apart,” Eziakonwa said.

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