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Hichilema warns against toxic discussions, as Zambia Air Force commissions new officers


President Hakainde Hichilema has addressed newly recruited officers of the Zambia Air Force (ZAF), warning them against engaging in toxic discussions. He did so at a parade in Livingstone.

He stated the importance of national unity within the force, directing ZAF Command to revise the course curriculum accordingly.

Highlighting the significance of professionalism, President Hichilema stated that any officer found engaging in toxic discussions would be deemed unfit for the profession.

The President urged the officers to support the current Commander and emphasized the need for unity among high-ranked ZAF officials.

In addition to promoting unity, President Hichilema stressed the importance of equipping young officers with the best technology to fulfill their duties effectively.

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He called for collaboration within the armed forces to achieve optimal results for the country and its citizens.

President Hichilema expressed satisfaction with the progress made, noting the graduation of Police Officers during the intake.

He stated the need for inclusive utilization of government facilities across security wings, ensuring that taxpayer funds were maximized for the benefit of all.

“Government has invested in facilities which are not exclusive to one security wing but for all unless in terms of technical aspect. When one security wing is not utilizing such, let them allow others to use them as it is tax payers money used to procure such,” Hichilema stated.

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