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Hichilema woes Saudi investors, as Saudi-Africa summit opens in Riyadh


President Hakainde Hichilema has called on Saudi Arabia and other global partners to consider Zambia as a key investment destination.

Hichilema said this was because of the country’s enabling business environment and that Zambians were looking forward to joint ventures with investors.
A post on the Head of State’s Facebook handle reads: “during our address at the First Saudi-African summit here in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, we highlighted Zambia’s rich endowment with both natural and human resources that need global partnerships.”
He indicated that Zambia had the much desired arable land for Agriculture and good climate for renewable energy investment.
“Zambia has warm and welcoming citizens to foster people to people joint ventures in various economic activities, and tourism to mention but a few,” Hichilema said.
He said in order to realise these economic efforts, Africa, or indeed Zambia, looks forward to capital injection through Foreign Direct Investment (FDI).
Hichilema pointed out that land-linked Zambia was strategically located for easier trade and investment opportunities, which in turn should lead to jobs for the youth and women.
During the conference, the Head of State also called for peace in the world, stating that conflicts have continued to hinder development, as is the case between Russia and Ukraine and now Isreal and Gaza.
He said lasting peace should be reached so that the world can focus on economic activities.
“We emphasised that instability anywhere is instability everywhere, and this has been seen by how economies are being affected worldwide,” Hichilema said.
He added that Zambia remained committed to upholding the friendships and, in particular, that of Saudi Arabia that had existed, and therefore, it was government’s desired goal that these would begin bearing even more fruits for the citizens.
“Thank you, fellow Zambians, for giving us this opportunity to work for you and ensure that our economy is set on the right path.
It is darker before dawn, and we have no doubt in our mind that we shall overcome these economic challenges we are currently grappling with,” Hichilema assured.
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Hichilema ready to be held accountable on management of public affairs —Mweetwa (video)

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