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‘Hogwash’! Msoni berates govt for claiming that subsidy return would mean loss of free education


All Peoples Congress Party, through its leader, Nason Msoni, says the assertion made by government during the budget presentation that the reintroduction of subsidies would mean taking away free education is hogwash.

Msoni had said: “The assertion by government during the presentation of the budget that the reintroduction of subsidies would mean taking away free education is hogwash and an attempt to hold citizens hostage with the so called free education.”

He added that monthly fuel increments were deepening economic crisis for the overwhelming majority of Zambians, saying government had an obligation to ensure that citizens have access to cheaper food and all the other basic necessities that support a decent lifestyle.

For the first time in the history of Zambia, petrol has hit K29.98 per litre and diesel would now fetch at K29.96 per litre, as announced by the Energy Regulations Board on Saturday.

Msoni in a statement issued in Lusaka on Sunday, said the fuel upwards adjustment had an overall ripple effect on all other commodities in the market.

He added the concerns of government should be the welfare of the people rather than the making of profits.

“The enterprise of running government has a component of loss making in order to ensure that citizens have access to cheaper and affordable food,” Msoni said.

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He alleged that poor infant and adult nutrition obtainable in Zambia was due to the rising cost of food.

Msoni argued that such careless and reckless fuel increases were prematurely consigning Zambians to their early graves.

“In a nutshell we assert that the UPND government is out to punish citizens by mercilessly and recklessly driving the prices of essential commodities beyond the reach of the overwhelming majority of our people through the monthly adjustment of fuel prices,” he said.

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