House of Clergy supports Hichilema’s stance on hate speech, tribalism


The House of Clergy Zambia, a supposed umbrella organization for selected church groups in Zambia, has expressed support for President Hakainde Hichilema’s stance against hate speech and tribalism.

In a statement on Friday, House of Clergy Zambia Executive Director, Martin Sitali, emphasized the importance of condemning tribalism, hate speech and any form of divisiveness.

He assured that the organisation would continue to back President Hichilema in these efforts.

“Regarding the new laws proposed with stiffer punishments, following the Cabinet approval meeting, we applaud the move and suggest that other laws concerning corruption be revised to deter would-be offenders,” Sitali said.

Sitali called on church leaders, traditional leaders and political leaders to unite for the sake of building a peaceful and loving Zambia.

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He was responding to a recent press conference by Hichilema, where the president’s pronouncements to enhance the rule of law were highlighted as crucial in addressing current and future challenges.

“On the fight against corruption, we believe it must be a collective effort by all well-meaning Zambians. We recommend stiffer punishments for controlling officers and anyone found wanting,” Sitali stated.

The organization also noted that the fight against corruption extends to improving work culture and attitudes in both the public and private sectors.

These issues have significantly affected public service delivery, including the lack of medicines in hospitals and poor road conditions, where contracts were paid for but not delivered.

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