In 2025 budget proposal, group proposes $19.87 million over next five years to tackle cholera


WASH Forum has urged the government to allocate a minimum of US$19.87 million over the next five years to fully fund the $99.35 million Multi-sectoral Cholera Elimination Plan.

Forum National Coordinator, Bubala Mumba, stated the importance of this investment for Zambia to achieve its goal of eradicating cholera by 2030.

She made these remarks during the National Budget Consultative Meeting in Lusaka on Saturday.

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Mumba highlighted the urgency of the plan by citing Zambia’s most severe cholera outbreak in history, which resulted in over 700 deaths and affected more than 22,000 individuals.

“The outbreak had significant socio-economic repercussions, and there is a need for a robust and well-funded response,” she added.

Mumba also noted that investing in the cholera elimination plan would lead to significant savings on government resources.

According to the Ministry of Health, cost-benefit modeling for cholera control efforts in Zambia showed that every K25 invested in long-term improvements in WASH resulted in K700 savings.

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