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Infighting in PF faction continues, as N’gona announces overthrow of Sampa, appointment of Chabinga as leader


Mafinga lawmaker, James Chabinga, has reportedly been elected as the Patriotic Front (PF) acting factional leader by the Central Committee with immediate effect.

The Central Committee has also expelled Matero Member of Parliament, Miles Sampa, from the party and removed him as factional leader following what was described as an illegal meeting with former president Edgar Lungu.

Addressing a media briefing in Lusaka on Wednesday, Morgan N’gona, who was removed as PF faction Secretary-General, announced the developments.

He stated that all decisions made by Sampa, including expulsions, were null and void.

“You heard what happened in Parliament today where the seats of nine Members of Parliament have been nullified. We, together with Miles Sampa, expelled them, and the court upheld our decisions after they attended an illegal meeting. So why can’t Sampa also be expelled like the rest,” N’gona said.

He also declared that Chabinga remained the Leader of Opposition in Parliament and warned that those opposing this decision would face serious sanctions.

In his address, Chabinga claimed he had risked his life politically for both Sampa and Lungu, even though he was often sidelined, particularly during Lungu’s tenure.

“I have been accused of working with the UPND because I want to sell out the PF. Why would I do that when I have never been part of the UPND,” he stated.

Chabinga alleged that Sampa was bribed to remove him as Leader of Opposition in Parliament and the Central Committee, described as “junkies,” decided to expel him after the convention.

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In response, Sampa, through a Facebook post, wrote: “After failing to get a court injunction, they drink TU junta and start making dreamland pronouncements. I appointed them months ago, and they thanked me. But now I can’t stomach the appointment reversal. Their crazy ranting should be ignored.”

He also questioned where the government would get over US$10 million for what he described as avoidable nine by-elections. Sampa vowed that the nine lawmakers would go nowhere and even if the bullying led to by-elections, the people’s vote would bring them back to Parliament.

“So where will Boma and ECZ get over US$10 million for these avoidable nine by-elections they want to create? The nine PF MPs are going nowhere, and even if the bullying continues to the by-elections, the people’s vote power will bring all the nine MPs back to Parliament,” he stated.

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