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Crisis brews in Sampa’s PF faction, as sacked leader of opposition, Chabinga, gets 48-hour ultimatum to answer query


The Miles Sampa-led Patriotic Front (PF) has given Mafinga Constituency Member of Parliament, Robert Chabinga, a 48-hour ultimatum to show cause why disciplinary measures should not be instituted against him.

Faction leader, Sampa, stated that disciplinary action would be taken in line with the powers vested on him by the PF Constitution, Article 61(j), as read together with Articles 16 and 17.

The Matero PF Member of Parliament’s ultimatum follows a series of threatening WhatsApp messages reportedly sent by Chabinga to Sampa from late Tuesday night into Wednesday morning.

Sampa recently removed Chabinga as Leader of Opposition in Parliament and dissolved the Central Committee, appointing Kalulushi Member of Parliament Kampamba Mulenga as the new Leader of the Opposition.

Chabinga is reported to have sent several threatening messages to Sampa, starting at 19:30 hours on Tuesday. One of the messages reportedly read: “My brother, don’t think you are a star. I risked my life for you and spent my time and resources, then you behave this way to me. You shall regret knowing me.”

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Around midnight, Chabinga allegedly sent another message stating: “I will never use politics at all, even better use SA Police. Me, I will use the Halls.”

Additionally, Chabinga warned Sampa that he had pressed the wrong button and would regret knowing him: “3rd July 2024: 00:01, for me you have pressed a wrong button, my friend. You will regret knowing me. 3rd July 2024: Midnight to 00:05 am, actually, I’m waiting for you to expel me. That’s when you will know me better. For now, just continue with your drama,” he warned Sampa.

In a letter of demand dated July 3, 2024, Sampa directed Chabinga to explain in writing why disciplinary proceedings should not be instituted against him for the messages he sent.

The Mafinga lawmaker is also reported to have written: “My dear, do you know how much I risked my life and sacrificed office? You are just not a grateful guy.

“Anyway, by now you must have known that I do not depend on Parliament at all, never as the same ECL.”

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