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Irrational to continue export of electricity in the face of national emergency —Economic Front Party tells govt


The Economic Front Party has called on ZESCO to cease the export of electricity to avoid worsening the effects of drought in the country.

The party objected to ZESCO’s decision to extend load shedding beyond eight hours while continuing to export electricity to other nations.

Fewdays Nsensema, the party’s chairperson for information and media, proposed that ZESCO should utilise the force majeure clause in the contract to halt the export of power to other countries, thus easing additional challenges for Zambians.

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“President Hakainde Hichilema declared drought as a national disaster, hence the need for ZESCO to invoke the clause in the contract to stop the export of power so that we protect our economy from total collapse,” Nsensema said.

He advised the government to prioritize supplying sufficient power for its citizens to enable the operation of manufacturing industries and other businesses in the country.

Nsensema added that many industries were struggling, and some had collapsed due to power shortages.

“The UPND government must realise that our economy is crumbling, and there is no way it can rebound amidst high fuel costs, high electricity tariffs, and prolonged hours of load shedding, leading to high production costs in the economy,” he said.

Nsensema encouraged the government to take action to protect the economy before it worsens.

“If this drought is not considered a natural disaster to warrant the revocation of a contract by force majeure, then what is it in the eyes of ZESCO?” he questioned.

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