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‘Lies!’ UKA, Citizens First Party accuse govt of not telling the truth regarding their applications to hold rallies


Government has been accused of blocking the registration of the United Kwacha Alliance (UKA) as a political party through delay tactics.

UKA Chairperson, Sakwiba Sikota, said the statement from government that the Alliance was an illegal entity was part of the delay tactics being used to delay its registration.

Sikota said this during a media briefing in response to Home Affairs and Internal Security Minister, Jack Mwiimbu, who had earlier on Wednesday declared the alliance as an illegal entity as reported by Zambia Monitor.

He wondered how the minister could deny the Alliance the opportunity to hold a rally in Kafue without thoroughly explaining the reasons behind such a decision.

“The Alliance has appealed to Minister Mwiimbu against the Zambia Police Service denial for a permit to hold a rally this Saturday in Kafue District,” Sikota indicated.

The Alliance Chairperson stated that the denial by the minister on the grounds that UKA was an illegal entity was in contravention of the the Zambian Constitution.

He claimed that there was arbitrary implementation of the Public Order Act and this had been proved by the fact that the Inspector-General of Police had made a blanket and arbitrary declaration that there shall be no public rallies.

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“The law does not give him this power and we implore you to restore the rule of law in Zambia by reversing this blanket ban on public rallies and meetings that has been unconstitutionally declared,” Sikota advised.

In the same vein, Citizens First President, Harry Kalaba, said the minister was telling lies by insinuating that his party was given a permit to hold a public rally in Nchelenge.

Kalaba said the police blatantly refused a request by Citizens First to hold a public rally on April 11, 2024.

“Minister Jack Mwiimbu has lied by insinuating that Citizens First was given a permit to hold public rally because it is a legal entity, those are are total lies,” he said.

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