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Liswaniso accuses M’membe of political desperation, insinuates Banda’s disappearance orchestrated


The ruling United Party for National Development (UPND) National Youth Chairperson, Gilbert Liswaniso, has accused Socialist Party President, Dr Fred M’membe, of making desperate decisions to gain political relevance.

Liswaniso said M’membe was exhibiting a very strange personality by vehemently defending Petauke Central Independent Member of Parliament, Emmanuel Banda.

In a statement issued in Lusaka on Sunday, Liswaniso said M’membe was defending Banda despite his past crimes against vulnerable individuals.

“How can Fred M’membe start defending Banda, who not so long ago brutalised his employee and also urinated in his mouth?” wondered Liswaniso.

He stated that Zambians know Banda committed atrocities against fellow human beings but avoided proportionate punishment because of his closeness to then-President Edgar Lungu.

Liswaniso said M’membe confirmed Banda’s closeness to the former Head of State, suggesting that victims might not have received fair justice.

For this reason, they now want cases reopened and compassionate judgments reviewed.

“We are appalled that the former Editor-in-Chief of The Post can defend Jay Jay Banda when he tortured and forcibly urinated in his employee Peter Sukwa’s mouth,” he stated.

Liswaniso said rather than playing politics, M’membe should recognise that the paltry fine of K12,000 imposed on Banda was cosmetic and intended to conclude the case without adequate compensation for the victim, who continued to suffer humiliation and trauma.

He stated that the UPND expected M’membe, as a qualified lawyer, to pursue crimes, especially those committed against his former employees at The Post newspapers.

“Anyway, we are not surprised because Fred has found new friendship in Edgar Lungu and his cronies like Jay Jay,” Liswaniso said.

He added that regarding the disappearance of the lawmaker two weeks ago, M’membe knew that the police were still investigating the matter and would update the country as necessary.

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Liswaniso claimed that the anxiety created by Banda’s disappearance, which M’membe referenced, was instigated and dramatised by United Kwacha Alliance (UKA) members.

He said some careless utterances from UKA members had caused individuals to come into conflict with the law.

“We want to assure Bo Fred that President Hichilema does not and shall not harbor any hatred for Jay Jay or any other citizen because he has a duty and responsibility to protect all of us,” Liswaniso assured.

He advised M’membe and the opposition to have confidence in the institutions of governance by allowing them to do their work without influencing the outcomes.

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