Lusaka City Council warns artistes against disregarding laws under pretext of video shoots


The Lusaka City Council (LCC) has noted with concern the trend of artistes disregarding the law by closing roads in the name of shooting their music videos.

LCC Assistant Public Relations Manager, Nyambe Bulumba, said it had come to the council’s attention that some artistes closed some sections of the Great East Road, particularly at Mandahill traffic lights, last week to shoot their music videos.

Bulumba in a statement issued in Lusaka on Sunday, stated that this was without engaging the local authority.

“We would like to state categorically that the Lusaka City Council did not issue permits to the individuals concerned to close that section of the road,” he said.

Bulumba added that the local authority was dismayed that artistes had resorted to breaking the law by engaging in such activities without consulting the responsible institution.

He emphasized that artistes were supposed to be advocates of “obeying the law” rather than breaking it.

Bulumba stated that the illegality not only violated the law but also inconvenienced motorists and members of the public.

“Members of the public are informed that when the council issues a permit for such an activity, a notice is always published on various media platforms, including social media, to ensure they are aware and can plan accordingly,” he said.

Bulumba warned artistes to desist from disregarding the law governing the holding of such events, as the trend tends to encourage others to do the same.

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He indicated that the local authority would do everything possible within its means to curtail the situation.

A Zambian artiste populary known as “Roberto” this month caused traffic jams between Mandahill and the University of Zambia on the Great East Road as he sealed off the bridge to shoot a music video for his yet to be released song.

Roberto was later emulated by another artiste known as “Mordecai” who closed Los Angeles Boulevard near Long Acres Market to also shoot his music video for his song titled “Maria.”

Meanwhile, LCC has demolished illegal makeshift stalls which were built on privately owned land without permission from the council in Kamwala, near the area popularly known as “Big Moze”.

Bulumba said the legal land owner obtained a court order which enforced the council to proceed with the demolition.

In a statement issued on Sunday, Bulumba explained that an enforcement notice was issued by the council to the squatters to vacate the premises.

“The operation was conducted between 01:00hrs and 06:30hrs to restore law and order and to prevent further encroachment on the land,” he stated.

He mentioned that officers had no choice but to remove the illegal structures that were posing a threat to public safety and order.

Bulumba further reviewed that the traders were operating without licenses and were not paying any taxes or fees to the council.

“The council would like to advise the residents to always engage the council for some guidance before putting up any structure in any area,” he encouraged.

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