Lusaka official urges amendment of Cooperative Act to protect, promote local businesses (video)


Chipo Mapushi, Deputy Permanent Secretary of Lusaka Province, has underscored the importance of enhancing the involvement of indigenous businesses in both local and international markets.

Mapushi urged the Ministry of Small and Medium Enterprise Development to clarify the Cooperatives Act to safeguard local businesses, promoting their growth and resilience.

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Speaking at the Ministry’s consultative meeting on the Cooperatives Act of 1998 in Lusaka on Tuesday, Mapushi stressed the need for amending the act to establish a conducive environment for sustainable cooperatives capable of operating independently.

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He referred to plans to revise laws related to the formation, registration and regulation of cooperative societies, as well as to repeal the Cooperative Societies Act, 1970, and provide for matters connected with or incidental to the foregoing.

Mapushi highlighted that granting autonomy to these cooperatives would facilitate business prosperity, particularly in rural areas, leading to job creation, improved local manufacturing and poverty reduction.

“The government is fully committed to addressing the needs of cooperatives,” Mapushi affirmed, noting the necessity for fresh consultations following the change of government in 2021 to ensure inclusivity.

He said the importance of aligning the aspirations of the ruling government with the provisions of the Cooperatives Act to achieve these goals.

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