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MMD leader, Mumba, to commence legal action against ex-President Lungu’s political advisor, Zimba


Movement for Multi-party Democracy (MMD) leader, Dr Nevers Mumba, has instructed his lawyers to commence a legal action against former President Edgar Lungu’s Political Advisor, Chris Zimba.

Zimba authored a statement, responding to remarks made by Mumba during his live address allegedly containing twisted facts and outright lies, all with the intent of dafaming him.

Mumba in a statement issued in Lusaka on Monday, believes that this would give Zimba an opportunity to respond to each of the alleged lies he had written in a sober setup.

“I came across a statement authored by one Chris Zumani Zimba in which he took time to respond to a statement which I made during a live address carried on my official face book page,” he stated.

The former vice president said this would also give Zimba a fair opportunity to prove his many allegations before the courts of law.

Mumba stated that Zimba’s write ups were full of character assassination he had not heard before and all coming from an individual he had never known or met in his life

“In his response, Zumani went to great lengths in trying to run a narrative that sought to define me, using lies and deceit, made-up stories and twisted facts all in an effort to destroy a name I have built with God’s help over many decades,” he said.

Mumba stated that his aim was to make the case become a beacon in the land and a legal precedence to ensure that nobody would ever wake up and maliciously smear lies and defame another person.

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He said he does not take lightly, the trouble, the sacrifice and the total self restraint he had had to endure and hold on to, over the many years to preserve his name, respect, and Integrity, locally and abroad.

“In the past, we have ignored these “bar talk” lies but now realise that if left unchallenged many weak hearts actually take them as the gospel truth,” Mumba stated.

He expressed believe that such immoral politics would continue in the governance space unless someone stands up and pays the price to fight it.

Mumba added that this should not be done through violence, vengeance or insults, but through a process of fact checking under the auspices of the competent Courts of Law.

“I believe that good is powerful enough to overcome evil and that truth must never cower in the face of malice and lies,” he said.

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