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M’membe describes suspension of Mambilima lawmaker, Chisenga, from parliament as unjust


Socialist Party leader, Dr Fred M’membe, says the suspension of Mambilima Member of Parliament, Jean Chisenga, from Parliament for 30 days is drastic and biased.

Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly, Attractor Chisangano, on March, 28, 2024 suspended Chisenga for 30 days.

This was after Muchinga Member of Parliament, Emmanuel Banda raised a complaint, accusing her of placing the house in disrepute and disrespecting President Hakainde Hichileman during his national address.

On March 15, 2024 after Hichilema’s national address, Chisenga was heard shouting “Ba kateka ubufi bwachilamo [Mr. President, the lies are too much]”.

In her exculpatory letter, Chisenga denied the accusations, stating that the alleged misconduct happened after Hichilema had addressed the House.

“This exposes the presiding officers’ deliberate intent to undermine the principle of separation of powers by misusing the rules of the House to bully non-ruling party legislators,” M’membe said.

He wondered how else Chisangano expected Chisenga to define Hichilema’s conduct, which was now a widely known fact.

“He lies effortlessly and unapologetically. Again, Chisangano speaks about Parliament being a ‘House of honour, decorum and dignity’ and that she ‘will not tolerate gross misconduct and indiscipline. What honour? Lies, injustice, bias,” M’membe stated.

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M’membe alleged that it was Hichilema whose conduct was unjustified, unbefitting and dishonours the decorum and dignity of the House through his continuous lies and deceit.

“Chisenga tapali efyo alufyenye (Chisenga did nothing wrong). She was merely relating Hichilema to what he actually is. Chisenga was exercising her right to freedom of speech in the National Assembly,” he said.

M’membe claimed that Chisenga posed no threat to Hichilema’s security and there was no disruption to the proceedings caused in any way.

“We call upon the Speaker to ensure that our parliamentary democracy is nurtured and strengthened by guaranteeing an impartial, dignified, orderly, and transparent running of parliamentary business. We know this is not too much to ask for,” M’membe said.

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