Mothers of 5 children allegedly fathered by late lawmaker, Ngulube, demand share of his estate


Mothers of five children, allegedly fathered by late Kabwe Central Member of Parliament, Tutwa Ngulube, have ganged up and filed a lawsuit, demanding a share of his estate, managed by the widow and his sister.

It has also been alleged that there are in excess of 14 children beneficiaries of the Tutwa Ngulube’s estate, but had been deprived of their father’s estate.

This is according to an affidavit in support of summons for an order to render an inventory and an account of the deceased and to distribute filed by Chuma Catherine Kuntepa suing as guardian ad litem for five children.

She cited Tawanda Tafwakose Ngulube, sister to the deceased and his widow, Mupeta Glenda Sokontwe in their capacities as administratix of Tutwa Ngulube estate.

Ngulube, also a lawyer, died intestate on December 3, 2022.

Kuntepa submitted that the five minors who are aged 15 and one are living in rented accommodation where there mothers are struggling to pay the said rentals each month, and that the administrators decided to move the Tutwa Ngulube’s ailing mother to the deceased’s three bedroom house where he resided at NHA Gardens in Lusaka instead of putting it on rent pending distribution.

She stated that this was despite Tutwa, before his death, having renovated the mother’s house in Kabwe.

Kuntepa said the decision was detrimental and prejudicial to the children and other beneficiaries who were not benefitting from the same property.

She alleged that the administrators had continued to draw an amount of K100,000 from the businesses and rentals each month from which the children are given K3,333 each, “While Tawanda Ngulube collects a total of K30,000 on behalf of the mother to the deceased and the alleged dependants who are her siblings and their children, and the widow collects K20,000 which she shares with an alleged co-wife,” she said.

Kuntepa added, “the respondents have been reluctant to distribute the estate as they are benefitting more from the above monthly apportionments while the children of the deceased receive meager amounts of money to survive on throughout the month,”.

She stated that several requests had been ignored by the administrators for an account of the monies in the coffers of Golden Sonnets Hotel and details of how business was fairing, which continued to run as an ongoing concern.

“That requests have been made by some mothers to the beneficiaries in question on the monies coming from rentals of business premises being let to banks for use of ATM machines and other commercial tenants who had not paid rentals from December 2022 when the deceased passed on to date, but the respondents only give excuses as to the collection of the said rentals which are currently owing in excess of K100,000,” she stated.

Kuntepa said the minors had been deprived of the use of their father’s Mercedes Benz, phones and laptops which were collected by Tawanda Ngulube.

She also stated that the administrators had neglected to collect from the Law Association of Zambia a detailed report of the winding up exercise of the law firm, Tutwa S.Ngulube and Company.

Kuntepa wants the two administrators should step down and allow the Administrator-General to take over the management of the assets to ensure everyone including the five minors benefit from their father’s sweat.

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