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Muchemwa tackles anti-graft agency over moves to have his properties forfeited to govt


Francis Muchemwa, also known as Commander Two, has disputed the Anti-Corruption Commission’s (ACC) application for a Non-Conviction Based forfeiture order, arguing that his properties were acquired through legitimate income.

ACC before the Economic and Financial Crimes Court is seeking to forfeit properties worth K12 million to the state, alleging that they are proceeds of crime.

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Muchemwa in his affidavit in opposition to ACC’s application submitted that the properties in contention known as L.26395/M ,L/25392/M ,L/28477/M/J ,L/28477/M/H,as well as the two FAW trucks, were all not tainted property as alleged by the anti-graft agency.

“Further, that the applicant’ s valuation of L/26395 which was valued ,K4,500,000 and L/26392, valued at K2.5 million were all erroneous, as the applicant used the current market value of the property as opposed to quantifying the cost estimate of the materials used to construct the properties over a period of time,” he asserted.

He also contended, “that the two properties were constructed over a period of 3 years and that the sources of income were from legitimate businesses that I have operated over a period of 10 years,” he said.

He summarised his income as being from emoluments from ZESCO K503,376.51 and allowances amounting to K141,400, loan facilities obtained from ABSA amounted to K382,246.80 while income from Frill Pub and Grill profits ( amount not accounted for) was K237,897.

He also revealed that Altitude Properties Limited made a profit of K10,191,112 while Friltech Networks Zambia Limited posted K1,539,591.

Muchemwa’s total income was K12,995,623.31, above ACC’s purported value value of K12,169,735.

“There is no reasonable justification to believe that the three interested parties were in possession of property suspected of being proceeds of crime,” he contended.

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