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Nkana MP, Mpundu, accuses govt of insincerity, harassment using police officials


Nkana Member of Parliament, Binwell Mpundu, has accused government of being ‘unreasonable’ in handling the affairs of Zambians.

Mpundu, whose house in Kitwe was reportedly raided by the police in connection with his comments on Petauke Central lawmaker, Emmanuel Banda’s abduction, said the government was failing to protect its own citizens.

In a statement issued in Kitwe on Sunday, Mpundu responded to a police statement in which Spokesperson, Rae Hamoonga, claimed that Mpundu had been summoned and that he had ignored the summons.

Mpundu claimed that Zambia had become a country where people trivialized important issues and inconvenienced innocent people.

“How can the state, whose job is to protect citizens, be so unreasonable in handling our affairs to the extent of telling lies?” he wondered.

Mpundu alleged that the police tried to abduct him by arriving in large numbers as if he had committed a crime.

“Who did they give that call-out to? I’m a person of fixed abode and the police can easily call me as they have done before and I have always complied. How then can the police come to ambush me as if I’m a common criminal?” he asked.

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Mpundu said Banda was found bruised, with medical reports and police confirming the injuries, but Home Affairs and Internal Security Minister Jack Mwimbu held a press briefing denying that the lawmaker was injured.

“Meanwhile, the guy, who was supposedly perfectly fine, has been in a state hospital for two weeks now. How is a person who was fine supposed to be in the hospital for two weeks?” he stated.

Mpundu recalled that Minister of Defence Ambrose Lufuma also held another press briefing, allegedly lying to the nation that Banda was invited to interviews but chose not to provide details about the abduction.

He said the truth was that Banda gave them full details and named the people behind the abduction.

“Why was the minister again lying when he knew the truth? How can we trust such people, and why are they now lying to the nation?” Mpundu wondered.

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