One-year-old baby burnt to death in Chikumba village of Kafue


A one-year-old baby has been burnt to death in a grass built hut in Chikumba village of Kafue district, Police officials have revealed.

Police Spokesperson, Rae Hamoonga, said Chilanga Police Station received a report of a fire incident on Friday which was said to have happened around 09:00hours where a one-year-old baby boy was burnt to death.

Hamoonga said this in a statement issued in Lusaka on Saturday.

He said brief facts of the matter are that August 25, 2023 around 07:00 hours, the deceased was left at home with his four-year-old elder brother sleeping when the mother went to fetch water at the river about three kilometers, while the father went to the fields and outside the house there was a pot of maize boiling on fire.

“Then at around 09:00 hours as the mother was coming back from the river, she found the house on fire, completely burnt and only saw her four-year old son standing at a distance and she realized that the baby was burnt,” Hamoonga said.

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“Police visited the scene and learnt that the house was built of grass and the fire was made just about two meters away from the hut and suspect that the wind which was blowing in the morning could have moved flames to gut the hut,” Hamoonga said.

He said the body was Inspected and found completely burnt to ashes and the relatives have been advised to bury the body.

Hamoonga added that an inquiry file had been opened.

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