Over 2000 students to benefit from 2024 bursaries in Kitwe District under CDF scheme


Government has approved the sponsorship of 2,115 students and pupils for secondary school bursaries and skills training across the five constituencies of Kitwe under the Constituency Development Fund (CDF).

Kitwe Council Public Relations Officer, Emmanuel Lupikisha, said in a statement on Friday that the bursaries would cost K31,124,904.68 under the 2024 CDF allocation.

A total of 11,070 applications were received for the 2024 CDF in all constituencies.

About 1,420 applications were received in Wusakile Constituency, 3,112 in Kwacha, 3,178 in Chimwemwe, 1,419 in Kamfinsa and 1941 in Nkana Constituency.

Lupikisha said of the 2,115 about 1,989 students would benefit under the Youths Skills Development component while 126 pupils for Secondary Boarding School bursaries.

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A total 442 students and 15 pupils would benefit from CDF bursaries under Wusakile Constituency at a cost of K7,155,433 and 581 students and nine pupils from Kwacha Constituency would be paid for under CDF at a cost of K6,224,512.

“About K6,115,850.41 will be paid for 487 students and 8 pupils under Chimwemwe Constituency while 331 students and 75 pupils will be paid Under CDF for 5,808,713.27 in Kamfinsa Constituency,” he revealed.

In the Nkana constituency, 446 students and 19 pupils have been approved to be sponsored under CDF at a cost of K8,819,904.

“The students will undertake various skills training courses like auto mechanics, heavy duty machine operations, hospitality and electrical engineering among others in various TEVETA-accredited institutions,” he said.

Lupikisha recalled that on September 22, 2023 Kitwe City Council had called for applications from the general public to apply for Youth Skills Development and Secondary Boarding School bursaries in the five constituencies in Kitwe District.

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