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Party leader, Bwalya, suspects break into ZMP offices may have been politically motivated


Unknown people have broken into the offices of Zambia Must Prosper (ZMP) Party, walking away with undisclosed sums of money and court documents for the KBF Law firm in Rhodes Park.

The motive behind the break-in had not been established and police forensic department had been engaged to investigate the matter, according to party president Kelvin Bwalya Fube, who suspects the incident could be linked to politics.

Bwalya told Zambia Monitor that the offices were being used as ZMP Secretariat as well as the KBF Law firm and that this could have motivated the people that raided the offices.

He said the incident was suspected to have happened in the early hours of Monday 7, 2024 with various documents missing among other things.

“When we came to the offices, we realised that most of our documents scattered around, our offices entered into, a lot of other things thrown up and down. it’s difficult to access right now what is missing and what is not missing but obviously there was money involved and other things such as documents,” Bwalya said.

He identified other documents stolen as title deeds, Wills for clients and that an accessment would be made to ascertain what else had been stolen from the offices.

Bwalya stated that the incident had been reported to Northmead Police Station and that the party was waiting for a report to be made in order to know how much money had been stolen and the number of documents.

“I’m glad the forensics were here and we are going into finding out what else has gone missing hence the reason I did not want to touch anything, we found a lot of keys scattered everywhere,” he added.

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Bwalya said the manner in which documents were scattered around showed that the people who did the break in were searching for documents and money.

He vowed that if the incident was politically motivated, he was ready to face those who had embarked on such a journey and would not be intimidated.

Bwalya declared readiness to face what would follow after the incident and was not afraid to ensure that justice, the rights of people and democracy was defended at all cost.

“This also speaks to the economic state in which the poverty rate is high and the crime rate is going to increase. Some offices they didn’t enter but they went into my office, senior legal practitioners however did not enter into junior officers offices,” he said.

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