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Party leader, Mwenda, challenges President Hichilema to account for monies received from donors to fight drought (Video)


The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) party has challenged President Hakainde Hichilema to disclose the amount raised by the government since declaring the drought a national disaster.

Kasonde Mwenda, leader of the EFF has also sharply criticized the President’s recent press briefings, denouncing them as mere “talk shows” that failed to address Zambia’s pressing economic issues.

Speaking to Zambia Monitor, Mwenda lamented that the President missed a crucial opportunity to outline concrete solutions his administration was implementing to tackle the economic crisis.

He expressed disbelief at Hichilema’s suggestion that individual Zambians should generate and sell electricity to ZESCO amidst the country’s economic challenges.

“He spoke about realigning the budget without even confirming its approval, showing a lack of information,” Mwenda criticized, adding, “It felt more like a talk show than a serious briefing.”

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Mwenda accused Hichilema of pursuing populist policies that have minimal economic impact, such as reversing directives like the one on civil servants driving at night.

He also criticised government’s expenditure on tax holidays for mines and simultaneous electricity imports from neighboring countries.

“He wasted our time. This government needs to take its responsibilities seriously,” Mwenda asserted, drawing a comparison to previous administrations accused of misusing COVID-19 relief funds without consequences.

Mwenda challenged Hichilema to disclose the contributions pledged by international partners like King Charles to the drought response programme, emphasizing the demand for transparency and accountability.

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