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Party president, Chanda, blames govt for mine tragedy, recommends stringent policies


United Prosperous and Peaceful Zambia (UPPZ) has blamed the mine tragedy on UPND-led government’s failure to take responsibility for inadequate mining policies and youth empowerment, urging accountability and proper implementation.

UPPZ leader, Charles Chanda, argued that the mining sector, a crucial component of the economy, should be regulated and supervised meticulously to guarantee the safety and welfare of everyone involved.

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“Tragic loss of lives in Chingola mine accident, demand government accountability! Proper mining policies and empowerment for youths,” Chanda said.

Further, he expressed his disappointment, emphasizing that the derogatory language used to describe those accused of being illegal miners was unwarranted, as it was only directed at them when accidents occur.

He suggested that these individuals should be acknowledged for their fearless determination and hard work rather than facing marginalization and stigma.

“These individuals, often referred to as “Jerabos” or small-scale illegal miners by the government, were contributing to the economic growth of our nation under challenging circumstances,” he added.

Echoing a past incident where a young life was lost at a mining dump site in Kalulushi, Chanda emphasized that these tragedies painfully underscore the repercussions of neglecting safety standards and the absence of comprehensive policies in the mining sector.

The UPPZ leader insisted that the government must promptly act to avert additional loss of lives and safeguard the dynamic youth population.

“We call upon the government to establish stringent mining regulations, enforce safety measures, and provide proper training and empowering opportunities for our youths. It is our responsibility as a nation to safeguard the lives and future of our citizens.” he stressed.

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