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Patriotic Front wrangles deepen, as Sampa threatens legal action against Mwamba


The Miles Sampa-led Patriotic Front (PF) has submitted a request to lawyers to levy Chairperson for Information and Publicity of the Edgar Lungu faction, Emmanuel Mwamba, with contempt of court.

Party Deputy Media Director, Hing’andu Hamasamu, said the deliberate ploy by Mwamba to try and mislead the public by having a podcast discussing the convention may border on disobedience and contempt of court.

Hamasamu in a statement issued in Lusaka on Monday, stated that the case of the convention or conference was active in the courts of law, both at the High Court and Appeals Court levels.

“As a party we have noted this disregard of the law and have engaged our lawyers to study the podcast then guide us accordingly,” he stated.

Hamasamu said the rebranded party and Sampa were very transparent with nothing to hide from the public.

He stated the party encourages freedom of speech but only to the extent it did not interfere with the law especially that all rights and freedoms had limitations under the law.

“The freedom of expression is vital to our ability to convey opinions, conversations, beliefs and to meaningfully participate in democracy,” Hamasamu added.

He noted that the state may however limit the freedom of expression on certain grounds as preservation of laws, national security, public order, public health and public morals.

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Hamasamu said in the case of Mwamba’s podcast, all contents fly straight in the arena of contempt of court which was a criminal offence in Zambian statutes.

“Court matters are battled in courtrooms and not on media platforms. We have left his acts in the hands of our lawyers,” he stated.

Mwamba hosted two PF cadres namely Victor Kapungwe, otherwise known as Mr Ground, and Justin Chama, aka Chama Amelika, on the Conversation Podcast recently where they discussed the convention that ushered in Sampa.

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