Police chief, Musamba, warns against promoting, inciting any form of breakup of Zambia


Zambia Police Service has urged persons of interest, whose identities it has concealed, involved in suggesting secession of territory belonging to the Republic of Zambia to desist from the utterances.

Inspector-General of Police, Graphel Musamba, warned that the Republic of Zambia was by law established as a unitary state and any attempt to challenge or undermine the legal foundation was not only irresponsible but also a serious offense against the laws of the nation.

In a statement issued on Tuesday, Musamba noted that certain individuals have been making statements that border on treason, promoting ideas of secession and challenging the integrity of the Republic of Zambia.

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“The Zambia Police Service, as a law enforcement agency, cannot and will not turn a blind eye to such illegal activities,” he emphasized.

He warned that the Zambia Police Service would take decisive action against any person found to be promoting or inciting any form of uprising or secession.

“Such individuals will be promptly arrested and prosecuted in accordance with the established laws of the Republic of Zambia,” he added.

He said the seriousness of these offenses cannot be overstated and that the consequences would be severe for those who choose to engage in activities that threatened the peace and stability of the nation.

“We hereby issue a stern warning to all individuals who may have intentions of committing such illegality to cease and desist from such actions immediately,” Musamba said.

He indicated that anyone who attempted to undermine the unity of the Republic of Zambia would be met with the full force of the law.

“We call upon all citizens to uphold the values of unity and nationalism that define us as Zambians,” he said.

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