Policy enthusiast, Musonda, criticises anti-graft agency for enforcing ‘senseless’ laws


Public policy enthusiast, James Musonda, has criticized the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) for enforcing what he described as ‘senseless’ laws that discourage hustling in the country.

Musonda’s comments came after the ACC arrested and charged a Clinical Officer at the Ministry of Health for allegedly obtaining a financial benefit from the government amounting to K153,000 by holding two payrolls.

In a statement on Thursday, Musonda argued that laws penalising individuals for having multiple jobs are outdated and should be abolished.

“This morning, I heard in the news that a clinical officer has been arrested for having two jobs. These kinds of laws are senseless and we need to abolish them,” Musonda said.

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He said focusing on such cases diverts attention from larger financial scams, scandals and illicit financial flows that warrant greater scrutiny.

“The ACC should prioritize investigating bigger and more significant matters rather than enforcing archaic laws against individuals hustling to make ends meet,” Musonda added.

ACC’s Head of Corporate Communications, Timothy Moono, confirmed that the suspect, Daniel Tembo, aged 50, was charged with obtaining pecuniary advantage by dishonestly entering into a second employment contract while still holding a government position as a Clinical Officer General in the Ministry of Health.

The debate over the enforcement of laws affecting individuals engaged in multiple jobs continues to spark discussions on the balance between regulation and supporting livelihoods in Zambia.

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