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Political commentator, Situla, attacks ex-President Lungu, says he’s suffering from loniness, despair


Political commentator, Sikwindi Situla, says former President Edgar Lungu is suffering from loneliness, despair, grave fear for the unknown resulting in him wanting to come back to active politics.

Situla said there should be sobriety and a fitter temper even behind the plotlines of political fury but that, however, this was lacking in Lungu and his supporters.

Addressing a media briefing in Lusaka on Wednesday, Situla said it was strange and difficult to understand why Lungu should attribute his come back to active politics to an “increasingly shrinking democratic space”.

“Well, we can grin at our problems and the offer of mechanical smiles that cannot fool all the people. But this nation cannot be misinformed for a miscommunication of itself,” he said.

Situla said it was also baffling to hear a repeating cry from some members of the Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) claiming that the democratic space had shrunk.

He said CSOs should use their voice and pen wisely and avoid aligning themselves to known criminal political establishments with very sinister motives and a tribe bandwagon of individuals with a frightening hatred for other people outside their tribe.

“Abetted by a set of radicals, of people of narrow reasoning Patriotic Front (PF) was nothing but a grim garrison of hooliganism and a chiefdom of thieves,” Situla alleged.

Situla claimed the PF could not protect life generally, nor promote liberty overall and protect property widely and could not respect rights and afford many a pursuit of happiness.

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“This remains the unbridged guilt as a volley of political musket fire against anyone of a language outside theirs,” he said.

Situla said where there was a grim pain and anguish now stands a well marshalled array of rights and an ever-improving law system application that speaks of a grand good intent of a nation inclusive to all.

He added that there were no burdensome regulations of a targeted reprisal to grab companies from anyone such as the Post Newspaper was grabbed from Fred M’membe by the same person at whose feet M’membe was now groveling.

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