Rwandan diplomat calls for self-reliance in technology


Rwanda has underscored the need for Zambia and its country to establish robust institutions geared towards tackling unforeseen future challenges in Africa.

This would be done through the utilisation of technology, High Commission of Rwanda to Zambia’s Second Counsellor, Douglas Gakumba, said.

Gakumba advised African nations not to overly rely on foreign technology but should instead dwell on local initiatives to attain self-reliance.

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These assertions were made during a deliberation at the Rwandese High Commission in Lusaka on Wednesday, during discussions of the Junior Chambers International (JCI) Africa Middle East Conference to be held in May in Rwanda.

JCI President, Kaveen Kumaraval, pointed out the necessity for leadership in addressing such issues.

“For every problem in this world, we need a leader to provide a solution,” Kumaraval said.

He further stated that these solutions must be sustainable and enduring.

Kumaraval urged Africa to harness its full potential to achieve desired advancements across various sectors within the next 30 to 40 years.

The gathering was attended by officials including the High Commission of Rwanda to Zambia’s Second Counsellor, the JCI president, the JCI Executive Vice President Africa Middle East and other board members of the organization.

In an interview with Zambia Monitor, JCI Executive Vice President Africa Middle East, Tetiwe Nzima, advised leaders in Zambia to equip the younger generation with sustainable leadership skills in preparation for the future.

“These are the leaders we need for tomorrow and nurturing them appropriately begins now,” Nzima suggested.

Additionally, Nzima encouraged entrepreneurs and youths to capitalise on the conference to acquire skills that could positively impact their communities.

“The Ministry of Youth and the Zambian government have been strategically supportive, aligning with JCI Zambia’s mandate,” she said.

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