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‘Shut up!’ MMD leader says ex-President Lungu has no moral right to speak on corruption, democracy (video)


The New Hope Movement for Multi-party Democracy (MMD) leader, Dr. Nevers Mumba, says former president Edgar Lungu has no moral right to be talking about corruption and the state of democracy in the country.

On Wednesday, Lungu called on the security agencies to investigate former Foriegn Affairs and International Cooperation Minister, Stanley Kakubo, for corruption after he resigned amidst allegations involving a Chinese national and a mine in Kasempa.

Mumba said the grand corruption which used to take place under Lungu’s administration had left the country in a mess and that Zambians were awaiting for the finalisation of the court cases.

During the end of the year media briefing, the MMD leader, however expressed disappointment with the slow pace at which the corruption cases were moving at the courts.

He lampooned ex-President Lungu saying:

“I have mentioned before that it is important for Zambians never to forget history and by the way, when we refer to what the Patriotic Front used to do we are not saying the United Party for National Development (UPND) must be doing what they used to do,” Mumba stressed.

The MMD leader asked Lungu to keep quiet on corruption because Zambians were still processing what they went through under his administration.

He stated that the former Head of State should have instead congratulated Kakubo for resigning as it showed that the former Minister stood on morals and principles.

Mumba appealed to government to ensure that people involved in corruption were dealt with to deter would be offenders in the future stating that failure to do would would open up the country to more corruption activities.

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“The stealing from national coffers would never end and the UPND had a moral obligation to ensure that this thing comes to an end in this country,” he emphasized.

He also called on President Hakainde Hichilema to restore the lost democratic space under the PF who were now blaming him over the same now that they are in opposition.

Mumba claimed that the UPND inherited an already shrunk democratic space and should not be blamed for the current state of affairs but that they should, however, have the moral obligation to ensure that it was restored.

On party issues, the MMD leader offered an olive branch to a group called Operation Save MMD which he said had been fighting him over the presidency and lost court cases in 2019.

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