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Sinkamba, Green Party president, speaks on essence of Kuomboka ceremonies


Green Party leader, Peter Sinkamba, says the historic 2024 Kuomboka ceremony, symbolizes the re-unification of northern eastern Rhodesia and north western Rhodesia in 1910.

Sinkamba said those who did European history in secondary school would remember a chapter on Bismarck and the re-unification of Germany.

In a statement issued in Kitwe on Tuesday, Sinkamba noted that a lot had not been done correctly since 1964 in the country.

He stated that there was need to revisit the Constitution and address the inequities and selfish aspects that had characterized governance system.

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“We need to revisit various founding treaties and agreements of our Republic so that all contentious issues are resolved amicably,” Sinkamba said.

He stated that the revisions should culminate in the re-unification of Zambia and the dawn of the Fourth Republic.

“Like ZANCO’s breaking of the chain symbolizes the freedom, we propose that the caption of the Litunga and Chief Chitimukulu at the ceremony to be reworked as a Coat of Arms for the Fourth Republic,” Sinkamba proposed.

He said this should symbolize the re-unification of Zambia post-independence.

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