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Socialist party labels summoning of its leader, M’membe, by police as an act of intimidation by govt


As Socialist Party (SP) leader, Fred M’membe, prepares to appear at force headquarters on Tuesday for police interrogations, the party has described the callout as a move to intimidate the ’emerging ‘ political organization and its leader.

In a statement on Monday, SP central committee member and presidential aide, Faston Mwale, said the party was aware of machinations of timid reactionary political elements failing to govern the country.

“What is happening to M’membe has happened repeatedly throughout history to revolutionary thinkers and leaders of struggling classes fighting for justice, equity and peace,” Mwale said.

He noted that history books were full of accounts of how leaders of the oppressed classes were constantly hounded and how their theories were received with malice and hatred by the ‘lapdogs’ of foreign private capital.

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“We are witnessing a ruthless and unscrupulous campaign of lies and slander against M’membe. But none of the reactionary schemes will blunt the revolutionary edge of the socialist transformative programme to construct a more democratic, humane and just society,” he claimed.

Mwale insisted that Zambians were looking for a leader who had no ambition for prestige or personal glory, not motivated by material gain, incorruptible, and a principled defender of human rights. He said M’membe ‘fits the bill’.

Mwale said M’membe would be the 8th Republican President.

“Gripped with fear in the face of rapidly declining popularity, opportunistic reactionary elements try to distort the noble objectives of the socialist programme by obscuring and twisting its value system,” he said.

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